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Dakhni Maza: Hissa-1

Posted on January 17, 2014 at 10:35 AM

Dakhni Slang / Lingo  (Dakhni  Deliciousness)

Definition- Circumcision -Khatna is the term for male circumcision carried out as an Islamic rite. Islam is currently the largest single religious group in which the practice is widespread, and although circumcision is not mentioned in the Qur’an, it is contained in the Hadees
Usage- Munna, tuje disnay nai, kidar tha, ? Bhaiyya,mera khatna hua, do din aaspataal may tha, teen-chaar din ghar may baita.
Root- Urdu -Developed from Arabic word Khitan
Region- South Asia 

Mircan ka aatta (Noun)
Definition- Mircan ka aatta evolved from “American’s ka atta’ – in Malayalam Amerikkan mavu- Used by our baap daada (forefathers ), now we used simply maida which refers to refined flour.
Usage- Mirkan ke atte jaise khila soorat hai, Abdul ki beevi ka- Itni gori hain din may dikhayi nah dey!
Root- Hyderabadi/Dakhni , and widely used in India

Aashna / Aashni-(Noun)
Definition- A dakhni usage turned to an Urdu word, meaning ‘good friend’, widely used in India, Pakistan. It also means, beautiful and intelligent.Mera aashna / Meri aashni – Means my good friend.
Orgin- Arabic and in Arabic Ashna means khushbo, khubsoorat,gender feminine. It is transplanted to north India, from Deccan via Dakhni language
Usage- Arey ashraf, meri bhaan ki aashni, tere aashney key saath bhaag ker shaadi karli hai-

Kaiku (Phrase)
Definition- Literal meaning – Why?The same in Hindi pronounce as KAIKO, this is defining the “why” instead of Kyon.The actual ‘why’ in Hindi and Urdu is ‘KYON.’
Usage- Bol , kaiku usay maara. – Kaikooray amma ko sataya?
Root- Hyderabadi /dakhni
Region- South India ,Maharashtra.

Baiko (noun)
Definition- It means LADY. Meri baiko – my wife, In Urdu, Meri Aurath is equal to this, In Malayalam- Ente Pennu, It means my wife.This word is mostly used by Marathaas, and added to Dakhni language. Widely used in South India, Maharashtra, Gujarat
Usage- Ghar ki Baiko kidar hai? – Baiko bachchey ko adab, zyaada ho tau achcha.
Root- Maraathi

Maatimila- (Adjective.)
Definition- A profanity uttered by ‘paan’ chewing “saasuma’s”usually addressing the root cause of all their woes Literally meaning the ‘condemned one’ or someone who should be dead and buried – ‘Mitti se mil jaana wala’
Usage- Itne saare mehmaanon leke aaya, bola bhi nahi ‘MAATIMILA’, ab pakwaan se meri kamar tootegi
Root- Urdu

Hallu (adverb) 
Definition-  Mostly a DAKHANI word used extensively all over Andhra , Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Dakhni families of Kerala….HALLU, means slowly or smoothly
Usage- Bayya zara HALLU gaadi ko dakal; Jab chota zorsay bola tau bada bola- HALLU bolray.
Root- Dakhani

Definition- Mother.Used all over Andhra , Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Dakhni families of Kerala
Usage- Ammi, Abba bulatheen-  Baava, Amma bulatheen
Root- Dakhani
Abba/Baava (Noun)
Definition- Father.Mostly a DAKHANI word used extensively all over Andhra , Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Dakhni families of Kerala
Usage- Baava ko Amma bulaatheen, Abba ko Ammi bulaatheen.
Collected & Edited by s.a.jabbar.Kozhikode

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